Be a Citizen of Conscience

10 things you can do to contribut to the Humane Economy


Remind corporate leaders to do the right thing​

If you are an investor in a company, write a letter to the CEO about establishing animal welfare policies. Urge leadership at the company to be conscious about animal welfare issues and adopt best practices. If you are a member of a pension fund, encourage its managers not to invest in companies engaged in factory farming.

Sign our petition to urge Adidas to stop killing kangaroos for soccer shoes here. 

Make your food choices with animal welfare and factory farming in mind. Nourish yourself by eating more plant-based foods, which are better for you, the planet, and animals. Reduce your consumption of meat. If you eat animal products, choose those with the labeling certifications “Global Animal Partnership,” “Animal Welfare Approved,” or “Certified Humane.”

Here are some cookbooks that will help you get started:


Eat lower on the food chain​


Vote with your dollars

Every time you enter the marketplace, you vote for or against cruelty with your dollars. Choose cosmetics and cleaning products not tested on animals. PETA has a very useful shopping guide that we recommend (but remember to come back to us!). And always avoid fur, exotic leathers, and other cruel products.

Public officials act when they hear people clamoring for change. Contact lawmakers at the local, state, and federal level about animal welfare legislation. Ask them to adopt animal welfare platforms. 

Make sure your voice is heard by voting in your local, state and national elections for candidates that support animal welfare policies and programs. So make sure you’re registered to vote by checking here. If you’re not registered you can register here.

Support the Center’s campaigns here and use your voice to speak up for the animals by alerting corporations of their responsibilities. For further action, visit our sister organization Animal Wellness Action’s Contact Congress page to let your legislators know you’re keeping an eye on their animal welfare votes.


Influence Lawmakers


Urge proper enforcement of our laws​

Laws are of limited value if not enforced. Encourage law enforcement agencies to crack down on cruelty. Write to executive agencies, such as agricultural and wildlife agencies.

We CAN make a difference! After a shared campaign of the Center and Animal Wellness Action, Governor Inslee of Washington ordered the Fish and Wildlife Department to stop wiping out entire wolf packs of endangered wolves.

Don’t be shy about contacting executive agencies, such as agricultural and wildlife agencies. For any information you have about the inhumane treatment of captive, farmed or companion animals, wildlife trafficking or environmental crimes, you can call The Environment and Natural Resources Division of the U.S. Department of Justice at 202-514-2701.

And you can help by sending any tips you have about illegal animal fighting to our sister organization:

And learn about the Animal Wellness Action’s National Law Enforcement Council’s activities here.

Align your investments with your values by selecting a mutual fund that seeks to deliver long-term returns by investing in companies that lead their industries in animal welfare performance.



Invest your money to make a difference for animals​


Minimize and eliminate food waste​

Americans throw out 40% of their food, 22% of which comes from animal products. There are numerous costs to this, including increased greenhouse gas and higher energy outputs. We could spare more than a billion animals in the United States each year just by eliminating food waste.
Learn how to reduce, reuse or recycle anything here.

Pursue eco-friendly destinations when you take a vacation. This brand of tourism drives the global economy and benefits more progressive nations. Make sure the places you travel to have habitat preservation and management laws, as well as proper law enforcement to protect wild animals and their visitors.


Travel like an eco-tourist​


Help animals in need​

Choose to adopt homeless animals — they make incredible and grateful companions. 
Find your local shelters here
Or find your companion online here.

If you’re not ready for a life-time companion, you can always foster a dog or cat in need or volunteer to work with adoptee animals.

Provide proper veterinary care to your own animals and spay or neuter them. When you come across animals in need, act to help them. Assist animals struck by cars or locked in automobiles by calling the proper authorities.

Adopt pets or foster them. Pick up plastic waste on beaches and in parks. Minimize your own waste, and dispose of it carefully, since that waste not only eats up space and wildlife habitat but can kill animals. Buy a fuel-efficient vehicle, and bike and walk more. Most importantly, act if you see an animal in need!


Live a more humane lifestyle​