Our Campaigns

The Center actively engages with corporations through animal advocacy campaigns and programs, giving investors, donors, and citizens the opportunity to use their capital to foster a humane economic order.

Modernize Testing

Supporting the FDA Modernization Act of 2021 that seeks to amend the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act to eliminate the requirement that all new drugs go through extensive rounds of animal testing.

Rethink Mink

We are working to end mink farming for fur — an industry that causes immense suffering to mink and poses major animal and human health threats because of the unique susceptibility of factory-farmed mink to SARS-CoV-2.

Kangaroos Are Not Shoes

Convincing Nike and other soccer shoe manufacturers to stop participating in the killing of two million kangaroos a year in the largest commercial slaughter of mammals on the planet.

Cage-free Future

Encouraging food producers to stop purchasing pork and eggs from farms that use extreme confinement that barely allow the animals to move.

Saving Wolves

We are working to stop the assaults on wolves across their range in the United States, including in Idaho, Montana, and Wisconsin where the states have initiated particularly ruthless killing plans for wolves.

Dare I Say No Dairy

We are working to make milk alternatives more readily available to consumers, including school children, and confronting the racism reflected in our current policies.

Elephant in Crisis

We want humane tourism built around elephants – not backbreaking labor or trophy hunting. We are working to feed captive, working elephants in Thailand after tourism cratered there and elephant camps could not afford to feed them.

Banning Greyhound Racing

Forcing private entertainment companies that how racetracks to phase out their dog tracks and save countless dogs from injury, death and extreme confinement