Cage-Free Future​

We are working toward a national policy to ban gestation crates on pig farms and small cages at laying hen facilities.

The Issue

Many breeding pigs and laying hens are confined in cages that barely allow the animals to move more than a few inches. Animals built to move should be allowed to move, and this kind of extreme confinement is inhumane, producing adverse psychological and physical effects for the animals conscripted into food production for humanity.


Many food retailers, including McDonald’s, Costco, and Safeway, have committed to phase out their purchasing of pork and eggs from farms that rely on these extreme confinement methods. Some of those policies have taken effect, while others are set to do so in the years ahead.

The Business Case

Alternatives such as electronic sow feeding systems and pasture-based operations for laying hens provide better living environments than cages or crates. Food retailers that do not meet high standards for living environments risk compromising their reputation and the public’s trust. Plant-based foods offer additional options for consumers and to reduce stocking densities.

Actions to Take

Tell your legislators

to ban the cruel use of extreme confinement crates for breeding pigs