The Business of Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare, Conservation Groups Announce Lawsuit Against U.S. Fish & Wildlife For Failure to Protect Gray Wolves

Animal Wellness and Other Groups Condemn Biden Administration for Costly, Unworkable, Inhumane Plan to Massacre 450,000 Barred Owls

Animal Welfare Groups Double Reward to $30,000 for Information on Wolf Torture

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Heartbreaking Footage Released of Cody Roberts Torturing the Wyoming Wolf

Cody Roberts plowed a wolf down with his snowmobile, taped her mouth shut, tortured her, and dragged her before his buddies at the Green River Bar in Daniel, Wyoming. Recently found footage shows Roberts tormenting her at the bar.

Animal Welfare Activists Disrupt Annual General Meeting of adidas in Germany

"Blood sticks to your football shoes. Stop killing kangaroos," says an activist confronting the Adidas CEO.

The Rescue of SomBoon: Helping Elephants in Crisis

Your donations have directly enabled the rescue of Som Boom and NamThip. Please contribute today to help us care for these elephants in their new sanctuary haven and to bring other elephants to safety with them.

“Consumer choice informed by conscience is an unstoppable force for good.”

Wayne Pacelle, The Humane Economy: How Innovators and Enlightened Consumers Are Transforming the Lives of Animals

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