Our Partners

Animal Wellness Action and Animal Wellness Foundation are our invaluable partners and sister organizations.

Animal Wellness Action is a Washington, D.C. based 501(c)(4) organization with a mission of helping animals by promoting legal standards forbidding cruelty. Animal Wellness Action champions causes that alleviate the suffering of companion animals, farm animals, and wildlife. To prevent cruelty, we promote enacting good public policies and we work to enforce those policies. To enact good laws, we must elect good lawmakers, and that’s why we remind voters which candidates care about our issues and which ones don’t. We believe helping animals helps us all.

Animal Wellness Foundation is a non-profit (501c3) animal rescue based in Los Angeles. Animal Wellness Foundation raises funds for companions of low-income families, rescues animals found in situations of abuse, neglect, or abandonment, fosters animals from animal shelters in the LA area and funds spay, neuter, and vaccination programs. By combining top notch medical care with compassionate animal rescue we provide homeless pets the absolute best chance at happily ever after!

“As the humane economy asserts its own power, its own logic and its essential decency, an older order is passing away, By every measure, life will be better when human satisfaction and need are no longer built upon the foundation of animal cruelty.

Wayne Pacelle, The Humane Economy: How Innovators and Enlightened Consumers Are Transforming the Lives of Animals