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Kangaroos Are Not Shoes Campaign

Nike is helping to drive the biggest slaughter of wildlife on the planet

If you listened to Nike, and read their corporate propaganda you might think they are an ethical company focused on producing sustainable, cruelty-free products. We wish this were true. The fact is Nike, as one of the biggest buyers of kangaroo skin in the world is helping to drive a bloody killing spree across outback Australia.

Two million kangaroos are killed every year predominantly to be turned into pet food and shoes. It’s a disgrace. Kangaroos are one the world’s most beloved, iconic and unique animals — it’s almost beyond comprehension that Nike sees fit to profit from their cruel slaughter. 

Many people do not know that kangaroos are shot at night in the wild. They are not farmed. There is no monitoring or checks at the point of kill and the industry is governed by a voluntary and unenforceable code.
The Center participated with dozens of Australian groups in recent protests in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney, and we’re bringing those protests now to the U.S., along with national legislation to ban the trade in kangaroo parts. That national legislation, H.R. 917, builds on California’s landmark law to ban the sale of kangaroo skins.

Nike continues to produce and profit from kangaroo skin soccer boots. Recently releasing yet another version of their cruel 'Tiempo Legend'. How do they justify this when they have already developed synthetic alternatives like kanga-lite that performs just as well and is cruelty free.

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