Animal Groups React with Anger, Disgust to Millionaire Club’s Cruel Live Pigeon Shoot

U.S. House Health Committee Highlights FDA Modernization Act 3.0 to Require FDA to Implement Animal Testing Reforms Passed 14 Months Ago

Key Stakeholders Call on NPS to Scuttle Ecologically Unwarranted, Economically Reckless Plan to Depopulate Wild Horses from Theodore Roosevelt NP

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They All Agree Kangaroos Are Not Shoes ... Except One

Since we launched our campaign to stop commerce in kangaroo skins three years ago, four of the five biggest names in athletic footwear have gotten on board with our corporate reform efforts. But not Adidas — which for years has fought efforts to stop using kangaroo skins for soccer shoes. Sign our petition to Adidas...

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Dick’s Sporting Goods remains a significant reseller of shoes sourced from killed kangaroos. Join our fight against Dick's and their cruel kangaroo leather soccer shoes. 10,000+ signatures and counting!

“Consumer choice informed by conscience is an unstoppable force for good.”

Wayne Pacelle, The Humane Economy: How Innovators and Enlightened Consumers Are Transforming the Lives of Animals

The one-hour event will highlight our progress in shutting down slaughter on U.S. soil and point to the urgency of banning live exports of horses for slaughter to our North American neighbors. 
Thurs., March 7, 8pm ET/5pm PT