New Report Reveals Urgent Zoonotic Disease Threats from Cockfighting to Avian Wellness and Agriculture
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Nike Grossly Fails Test of Social Responsibility by Driving Mass Slaughter of Kangaroos for Soccer-Cleat Manufacturing
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The Animal Milk Mandate in Our Nation’s Schools
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Fighting and Winning for All Animals
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Congress Eliminates 1930’s Animal-Testing Requirement
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Biden Signs Five Animal Protection Measures into Law

State Legislation Introduced to Stop Nike from Driving the Slaughter of Kangaroos in Their Native Habitats in Australia

President Joe Biden Signs Big Cat Public Safety Act Into Law

The Center for a Humane Economy Shapes the Way Businesses Treat Animals

Building a humane economy, one company at a time, across a wide range of industries

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The ACE Act would create an animal cruelty crimes section at the Department of Justice. Identifying and prosecuting individuals who hurt animals will help stop them from hurting people later.


Let New York City leaders know you're on board to help save horses from the cruelties of carriage duty in traffic-choked streets.


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Watch our short film that throws the curtain back on the mass slaughter of more than 2 million kangaroos a year – and sign our petition to tell Nike to stop the slaughter.

“Consumer choice informed by conscience is an unstoppable force for good.”

Wayne Pacelle, The Humane Economy: How Innovators and Enlightened Consumers Are Transforming the Lives of Animals

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Modernize Testing

Animal testing is outmoded because, unlike human biology-based test methods, animals are unreliable predictors of human response, delaying treatments and cures to patients and driving up drug costs.

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Re-think Mink

We are working to end mink farming for fur — an industry that causes immense suffering to mink and poses major animal and human health threats because of the unique susceptibility of factory-farmed mink to SARS-CoV-2.

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Kangaroos Are Not Shoes

Nike has a supply chain that drives the killing of millions of wild kangaroos every year in Australia — the largest commercial wildlife slaughter in the world. We are working to encourage them to use entirely human-made materials in all their soccer cleats and other athletic shoes.

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Cage-Free Future

Many food retailers, including McDonald’s, Costco, and Safeway, have committed to phase out their purchasing of pork and eggs from farms that rely on these extreme confinement methods. Some of those policies have taken effect, while others are set to do so in the years ahead.

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Dare I Say No Dairy

We are working to make milk alternatives more readily available to consumers, including school children, and confronting the racism reflected in our current policies.

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Saving Wolves

We are working to stop the assaults on wolves across their range in the United States, including in Idaho, Montana, and Wisconsin where the states have initiated particularly ruthless killing plans for wolves.

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Elephants in Crisis

Thailand advertises the elephant as an icon, central to its culture and business. But after Thailand restricted logging, more than 3,000 captive elephants were reemployed in tourist enterprises — with inhumane training techniques, unending labor and abandonment or chaining during economic downturns.

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Banning Greyhound Racing

Greyhounds get injured or die at the tracks they continue to streak around the few ovals where this spectator sport continues. We're working to make sure no private business is involved with this kind of inhumane enterprise.

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